Ability Profile: Adult ADHD: A Vacation from my Problems

~By AAA (Ability: Adult ADHD)

Back again, hope everyone is having a good holiday season!

I am having a trying vacation season.  Sustained attention in a crowd is not, shall we say, my forte.  I struggle with it and the holidays often require it.  The whole family is gathered together — people talking over one another, dishes rattling, emotions flaring, aliens sitting at the children’s table.  It can be chaotic at times.

Ability Profile: My Adult ADHD: Invisibility

by UptownRookie from Flickr

I have 30 blog post ideas floating around in my head.

I recently saw this commercial starring Maroon 5’s Adam Levine on ADHD — someone  other than Ty Pennington from Extreme  Makeover:Home Edition is being vocal about his Adult ADHD!  Adam spoke about having 30 song ideas in his head and struggling to focus to write songs.

So, which of my ideas should I focus on in this post?  I could blog about how my day to day activities are affected by my ADHD.  I could write about how I feel at 8pm when my daily dose of stimulant wears off.  I could write about how I can walk through my life every day with no one I don’t directly inform knowing I have Adult ADHD; my disability is pretty much invisible until I get hyper or nervous and blurt out that I’ve got it.   I think I’ll write about invisibility today, because if I don’t lose momentum, I can always write out my other post ideas another time.