Did your jaws drop, too?


This video series is all in black and white — they mean business.  I was looking around online this morning, finding blog fodder, and came across an article about this campaign to target Georgia’s childhood obesity issues.  The ad states that 75% of parents whose children are obese in Georgia do not know it.  Jaw dropping.  This commercial about Tamika really shows how it makes a lot of sense that parents might not realize their children are in trouble: (more…)

Wake up AND pay attention … thanks, Morning-Exercise!

by Loren Zemlicka from Flickr

You’ve all probably heard those commercials that refer to that  “2 o’clock feeling” … what about that 9-5 feeling?  Most of us know that we really can’t afford to hit the snooze button for a third or fourth time, but we often do it until we absolutely must get out of bed.  Once our bodies are finally awake,  we must wake our brains up to focus for our workday after our alarm’s unsettling “buzz, buzz”.

But, how?

Reader, if you haven’t met before, let me introduce you to Morning-Exercise.  Morning-Exercise, please meet Reader.  *Reader and Morning Exercise shake hands and exchange quaint pleasantries*