Exercise Less! Live Longer!

Lynda Giddens from Flickr
by Lynda Giddens from Flickr

What can 416, 175 Taiwanese people tell us  about exercise that we didn’t already know?  Fifteen minutes is the minimum amount needed to live longer and healthier.


Only 15 minutes!?!?

The enormous study, reported this August in The Lancet, was conducted to determine the health and longevity benefits of doing fewer than the normally recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week (roughly 30 minutes a day).  Turns out, less than [30 minutes] can mean more [years on Earth].

Wake up AND pay attention … thanks, Morning-Exercise!

by Loren Zemlicka from Flickr

You’ve all probably heard those commercials that refer to that  “2 o’clock feeling” … what about that 9-5 feeling?  Most of us know that we really can’t afford to hit the snooze button for a third or fourth time, but we often do it until we absolutely must get out of bed.  Once our bodies are finally awake,  we must wake our brains up to focus for our workday after our alarm’s unsettling “buzz, buzz”.

But, how?

Reader, if you haven’t met before, let me introduce you to Morning-Exercise.  Morning-Exercise, please meet Reader.  *Reader and Morning Exercise shake hands and exchange quaint pleasantries*

So, you know your numbers — now, how do you keep track?

by ~Pixelsmithy's from Flickr

Remember going to your new doctor and receiving a barrage of intake questions?  “Have you had any surgeries … in what year … when was your last physical?”  It’s not always easy to remember the specifics.  In our tech savvy world, there are easy ways to keep track of this important information.

Apple has come out with an app called My Medical that allows you to track your:

  • blood pressure,
  • diagnostic test results, including total cholesterol,
  • weight changes and BMI,
  • past surgeries,
  • allergies,
  • prescriptions,
  • upcoming appointments,
  • and much more!


Know Your Numbers

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Chances are you can type in your Facebook password without even thinking, you know it so well.  You can probably find the login to your long, lost MySpace account in the annals for your email account, too.  And, when is the last time either of those saved your life?

Now, think fast, what was your blood pressure at your last physical?  Oh, when exactly was your last physical?

We carry so much information around in our heads and on post-its scattered around our offices and homes about our social networking, bank accounts and other facets of our hectic, high-tech lives; yet, many of us don’t know the numbers that can reveal the risks factors we face related to cardiovascular disease and other health and wellness issues.

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