No, I’m not actually sneezing.  It’s morel like this:


Today and every day for the past two weeks I could be asleep all day long.

Allergies: You’re no friend of mine.

I’ve tried sleeping for longer, but that only makes me want to sleep even longer!  This morning my wife had to get me out of bed with threats and even then I was still struggling just to lift my feet out of bed.

What are my options?

  • Over the counter allergy medications:  They work quite well, but can cause pretty serious headaches in some.  They can also rev you up and make it difficult to sleep (isn’t sleep what I’m craving right now!?).
  • “Natural” remedies.  I’ve tried putting LOCAL bee pollen in smoothies and on salads before.  They say that the LOCAL variety contains some anti-allergy-magic that can help.
  • Allergy shots.  Ouch.
  • Nasal sprays.  I’ve tried these before and feel like they never actually do much.  Many of them also have the risk of addiction and loss of smell.  Yikes!
What have you all done that you’ve found effective and relatively side-effect free?  I want to feel awake like I did just a few weeks ago.  Help save me from allergy sleepiness!


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  1. Allergy Remedies

    I use allergy remedies to help me sleep when i have sever allergies. Some people use medications but i prefer to go the natural way and use allergy remedies.


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