Behind the Music: Thera-BAND

A ch1 (Choose Health 1 — get it, like vh1 …) correspondent sat down this week with the extraordinary popular Thera-Band.  Thera-Band is a leader in its field of “progressive exercise”.  Let’s hear what happened at the interview!


Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today, Thera-Band.  I know you are constantly performing all over the country.  What is your performance  schedule like anyway?


I am thrilled to be here, too, though I am very busy this time of year.  Just this morning I was performing at a rehabilitation hospital in Boston, MA.  I’ve been working with a patient who had knee surgery roughly a month ago.   This afternoon I have a performance scheduled in Las Vegas, NV.  A woman, who works as an office assistant at a nearby casino, and I are going to get her back muscles PUMPED UP! (more…)

Pain in the office?

Work Ergonomics

Do you know what hurts sometimes?

Sitting.  Yep.  Sitting.

Our bodies were not created to sit for 8 hours a day, especially not 8 consecutive hours.  Our postural muscles are designed to hold us up during movement and they really don’t like having to be constantly flexed or extended.  This is why we hunch over while typing and we often laze in our chairs.

Our back and neck muscles are overstretched.  So what?  The muscles that work opposite our back and neck muscles have become too tight.  Our pectorals are super tight and they bring our shoulders forward, which further complicates the issue and makes desk related pain more painful.

The solution: (more…)