Pain in the office?

Work Ergonomics

Do you know what hurts sometimes?

Sitting.  Yep.  Sitting.

Our bodies were not created to sit for 8 hours a day, especially not 8 consecutive hours.  Our postural muscles are designed to hold us up during movement and they really don’t like having to be constantly flexed or extended.  This is why we hunch over while typing and we often laze in our chairs.

Our back and neck muscles are overstretched.  So what?  The muscles that work opposite our back and neck muscles have become too tight.  Our pectorals are super tight and they bring our shoulders forward, which further complicates the issue and makes desk related pain more painful.

The solution: (more…)

So, you know your numbers — now, how do you keep track?

by ~Pixelsmithy's from Flickr

Remember going to your new doctor and receiving a barrage of intake questions?  “Have you had any surgeries … in what year … when was your last physical?”  It’s not always easy to remember the specifics.  In our tech savvy world, there are easy ways to keep track of this important information.

Apple has come out with an app called My Medical that allows you to track your:

  • blood pressure,
  • diagnostic test results, including total cholesterol,
  • weight changes and BMI,
  • past surgeries,
  • allergies,
  • prescriptions,
  • upcoming appointments,
  • and much more!