A ch1 (Choose Health 1 — get it, like vh1 …) correspondent sat down this week with the extraordinary popular Thera-Band.  Thera-Band is a leader in its field of “progressive exercise”.  Let’s hear what happened at the interview!


Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today, Thera-Band.  I know you are constantly performing all over the country.  What is your performance  schedule like anyway?


I am thrilled to be here, too, though I am very busy this time of year.  Just this morning I was performing at a rehabilitation hospital in Boston, MA.  I’ve been working with a patient who had knee surgery roughly a month ago.   This afternoon I have a performance scheduled in Las Vegas, NV.  A woman, who works as an office assistant at a nearby casino, and I are going to get her back muscles PUMPED UP!

Wow, that sounds amazing!  I know many of our fans have heard of you, but they probably don’t know where you come from and why you’re as popular as you are.  Why don’t you tell us.


I hail from Akron, Ohio and that’s where all of us got our start.  You did know that we have thousands, even millions, of members in the Thera-Band family, didn’t you?  Well, we do.  We have all been trained in the same way, though some of us naturally have a different range.  We have our sopranos — those our our Yellow and Red members.  Then, we have our Alto — our Green members.  Our Tenors are our Black and Silver members.  And, finally, our Bass — they are Gold, the strongest of our Band.

We are able to offer a progressive styling that not many of our kind can offer.  When a person is first injured, he can stick with our Sopranos.  He will find it challenging, but it shouldn’t overwork the area he just injured.  It’s troublesome to see individuals with acute injuries go right back to lifting weights, which can lead to re-injury.   I think we’re so popular, because we simply make people happy!  We help them to feel better when they’re hurt.

Well, we certainly like that!

Now, what can you do for those of us who are not currently injured?  I hear you have strategies to help people stay fit while at the office.

I sure do!

Office work — I see people in clinics all the time for injuries related to sitting at a computer for X hours a day.  It’s just not what the human body was designed for.  We have a really great tubing exercise, which can also be done with one of our regular bands.


Let’s roll the clip!


Wow, just 2 minutes a day!  And, you say this can be done with the Tubing AND with the Bands?


Exactly, ch1!  It’s amazing the amount of pain reduction we have seen in individuals doing these exercises daily!


You must love what you do, Thera-Band!


I really love getting to do what I love and being able to share my talents with the world.


Thank you so much for taking the time today, Thera-Band.  Hopefully our viewers will look for you next time you’re touring.


Yes, we love to see our fans!  Please, check us out at a rehab or physical therapy office near you!  Or, better yet, take us home or to the office!  We love to do private performances and office gatherings!




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