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The UUA Health Plan holds an Open Enrollment each year in November.

For the month of November, all eligible UUA home office and congregation staff – everyone working 750 or more hours per year – will be able to join the plan effective January 1, 2012, even if they have not taken advantage of past enrollment opportunities.  Check out plan  eligibility rules here.

We are making some great changes for 2012!

  • For 2012, we are decreasing  our base rates by 5%, far below the likely 7% to 9% increase projected for other health insurance plans, and even further below projections for plans available to small businesses and individuals. Our age-banded rate structure adds a bit each year to rates for people who stay in the plan, but the base rate decrease more than offsets the age adjustment.
  • No one will receive a rate increase, and most people will see a decrease in their billing rates.In our Standard PPO, the plan 90% of our members use, we are –1) Lowering the co-pay for generic drugs to $10 from $15

    2) Lowering the co-pay for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to $20

    from $35

    3) Lowering the co-pay for outpatient mental health visits to $20 from $35.

    To quote roughly 10,000 commercials about life insurance and various other products: “There has never been a better time to sign up”.

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