This video series is all in black and white — they mean business.  I was looking around online this morning, finding blog fodder, and came across an article about this campaign to target Georgia’s childhood obesity issues.  The ad states that 75% of parents whose children are obese in Georgia do not know it.  Jaw dropping.  This commercial about Tamika really shows how it makes a lot of sense that parents might not realize their children are in trouble:


Do you think this approach is too much?  Just enough?  Not enough?  I can see it going in all directions.  This campaign can certainly be considered offensive, but some can also see it not being enough as it is simply just a series of ads with no direct action.

Obesity is something that individuals often get blamed for:  “Well,  if they simply ate less, they’d be thin and healthy.”  That’s often not the case.  And, sometimes the problem might not be as simple as a lack of healthy eating, but a lack of awareness as these ads show.  The first step to any battle is self-awareness and it sure does feel like we’re in an obesity battle in America with how often diet fads and fat-related studies pop up in the media.

What do you think?


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