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by Lynda Giddens from Flickr

What can 416, 175 Taiwanese people tell us  about exercise that we didn’t already know?  Fifteen minutes is the minimum amount needed to live longer and healthier.


Only 15 minutes!?!?

The enormous study, reported this August in The Lancet, was conducted to determine the health and longevity benefits of doing fewer than the normally recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week (roughly 30 minutes a day).  Turns out, less than [30 minutes] can mean more [years on Earth].

The study showed the following:

  • Inactive individuals who increased their physical activity to 15 minutes a day increased their life expectancy by 3 years.
  • Study participants, who exercised at least the minimum, reduced their risk of death by 14%  (reduced risk of death = reduced all-cause mortality)
  • Participants showed a 10% reduction in risk of dying by cancer.
  • Each additional 15 minutes of exercise per day resulted in an additional 4% reduced risk of death and 1% reduced risk of death by cancer.
  • Inactive participants showed a 17% increased risk of mortality versus the 15 minute per day exercisers.

What great news!

What I say is this: do your at least 15 minutes in the morning and you can get both the longevity benefits AND the Morning-Exercise benefits of increased attention!  What do you say?  Let’s get up, let’s get moving and let’s exercise for at least 15 minutes a day!

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